Review is one of the leading crypto exchanges that make the whole process of buying and selling Bitcoins a very fast and easy one. As you can find at the bottom of their website, CoinMama is located in the Virgin Islands.

Method of Payment

CoinMama currently uses cash and credit cards (Visa Electron, Western Union MasterCard, PM, MoneyGram and Visa) as their accepted payment methods.


The site is accessible in English, Italian, French, Russian, German as well as Spanish. Compared to other exchanges sites; this is indeed a great thing, as the multiple language system enables people from all over the world to fully understand the services provided by CoinMama.

How reliable is

CoinMama’s company number (73980) is visibly stated on their site. The company originated from the Virgin Islands and their website is GoDaddy certified and security scanned also. The website makes use of HTTPS ensuring that none of your credit card details are stored on their system.

CoinMama maintains a very clear Privacy Policy with straightforward Terms & Conditions as well. Before you start with their services, you must verify your account first, which is a concrete way of increasing online reliability and security for their users. Apart from that, there are no other complicated options such as compulsory 2 factor authentications. Security

As started earlier, they maintain enhanced security without any extremities. Taking for instance, to enable a clear environment for financial transactions without any leaks, they make use of secured HTTPS protocol to achieve this.

User Experience

When you visit for the first time, the modernity and practical nature of their site will amaze you. The website is very fast and you will promptly and effectively find all the information you need. Pros & Cons

Lastly, we want to take a look at the pros and cons of services. The company is located in the Virgin Islands and as far as privacy issues and security are concerned, this alone may seem more convenient. Aside that, CoinMama.

com makes use of both credit card and cash as Bitcoin payment method, which is certainly a plus
All the same, their request for a scanned ID or utility bill for account verification certainly poses some concern. Also, their inability to serve customers from USA as stated in their FAQ section comes with an added sense of insecurity.

In a nutshell, has got some real potential and it is important some details are improved to ensure their platform becomes even more competitive in the near future!