Xcoins.io Review

The Xcoins platform through its digital wallet allows you to buy bitcoin for yourself and lend out Bitcoins to buyers as well. The site was founded by Sergey Nikitin and has been in operation since August 5, 2016. It is located at Menlo Park, CA.

How to get verified with Xcoins.io

Before you can trade on this exchange, your account needs to be verified by Xcoins. You can get started by clicking the sign-up button located on the top right corner on their homepage.

Fill in the required information, after then a confirmation code will be sent to the email you used for registration. Enter the code you received in the space provided and then follow the next procedures.

Trading with Xcoins.io

The least amount of Bitcoin you can buy on this exchange is $10.00, while the maximum purchase is $1,000.00.

One major thing that differentiates this exchange from others is their acceptance of PayPal and credit card as their payment methods, which makes using the exchange very convenient and risky on the other hand.


Transaction fee on this exchange is somehow high. However, the loan security deposit can be paid together with the interest fee for a loan. This is quite useful because lenders are free to also make a decision on their interest rates as well. What this implies is that, assuming a borrower searches for a certain amount of Bitcoin, a few options will be given from the system together with the interest fees.

Website Interface

The website design is simple and straightforward altogether with easy navigation. Unlike other Bitcoin websites, charts or graphs are not displayed; which of course might be useful for websites of this type.


They make use of 2-factor authentication for additional security measures which of course is a good idea when it comes to website registrations. With this feature in place, the website will ask for your mobile number and email address, after which you will be required to enter some verification codes to get your account activated.


  • Accepts Credit Card and PayPal
  • Easy to get verified (2-factor authentication)
  • Referral program (you can earn passive income with them through their affiliate program)
  • 24 hrs. support service


  • A good number of negative reviews about how their operation
  • Too plain design (no transparency and no charts)
  • Stores email, mobile number details and Claims to be secured
  • Was hacked sometimes back